Paramore's 'Ignorance' Video: The Key Scene

With all the talk of the high-profile hip-hop albums coming out in September, it's easy to overlook the fact that one of the most anticipated rock records of the year is also coming next month: Paramore's Brand New Eyes. The Tennessee quintet made such a huge impact with their previous album Riot! that there is a lot riding on the follow-up, and with rumors of band turmoil during their last tour, Brand New Eyes will likely dictate the future of the group.

The march toward the release of Brand New Eyes is under way: They've announced a series of tour dates, and this morning saw the premiere of the video for the album's first single, "Ignorance." The song is what we've come to expect from Paramore, full of big hooks and twitchy teenage angst. MTV News' James Montgomery has already analyzed the clip, but I think the story of the video comes down to a single frame. Most of the video takes place in a tiny, claustrophobic room with all five band members playing on top of each other. But there are flashes to an alternate set that features frontwoman Hayley Williams dressed in a strange nurse's uniform standing in what appears to be Superman's Fortress of Solitude.

As Montgomery says in his analysis, "Sometimes a catsuit is just a catsuit." But the images of Williams away from her band mates and operating in an alternate reality has to mean something. Is she expressing the burden of keeping her band together? Is she retreating to her happy place to relieve the pressure of being the focus of the band? Is she secretly looking to branch out on her own to explore her alternate personalities? It casts just enough doubt to keep the fans buzzing, and the single is the perfect re-entry into the world of Paramore.


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