Wyclef Escalates Push-Up Feud With MTV Intern

By Josh Rosenstrauch

A little while back, Wyclef Jean hosted a competition for 10 amateur musicians to battle for the chance to produce a remix to his new song "More Bottles." Each of the aspiring artists was given a chance to practice and record their remix idea with Wyclef in his studio. The tracks that were recorded will be posted on Clef's official blog, where fans can vote for their favorite.

Wyclef streamed the sessions live on his Web site, and while browsing through that footage, you may notice (specifically at 13 minutes and 24 seconds into the third clip) Wyclef mentions an upcoming push-up competition with a certain person from MTV named Josh. That's right: He called me out on camera.

"Josh from MTV, push-up competition, we're gonna do it at the Nokia Theater, so I can embarrass you in front of everybody," he says. "No less than 100 push-ups. I know you're a young man, so you will be facing the old man. Wax on, wax off."

When Clef first issued this challenge, I'll be honest: I did not think it would be very tough for me to beat him. But after I saw how confident he seemed about it, I decided to do a little research. Apparently, he makes a habit of this! I found a few videos of Wyclef challenging other people to push-up competitions at various events. Watching the clips of him on the street with a woman named Jasmine, or at some kind of conference with a beefy Google employee, it is clear I underestimated him a little. The man appears to be in pretty good shape as he shows off with one-handers and clap push-ups.

But I've got something to say to Mr. Jean.


This October, Wyclef will be hitting the stage at the Nokia Theater and I will be hitting him with some truth: No one can do more push-ups than me!