Janet Jackson Dives Into Twitter

Count Janet Jackson as the latest musician to buy a ticket to ride on the Twitter express. The singer launched her official Twitter feed last week, and though she only has two tweets in nine days, she has already broken some news. First, she announced that she recently wrapped production on "Why Did I Get Married Too," Tyler Perry's latest film. The sequel to "Why Did I Get Married?" (which also featured Janet in a starring role) is currently scheduled for release in April of next year.

But perhaps the bigger news was the addendum on her last tweet. Janet wrote that she is "looking forward to getting started on my new album!" Her next project should be quite the affair, as she has no shortage of personal stories to write about: There's the death of her brother Michael, her taxing Rock Witchu tour, the end of her seven year relationship with Jermaine Dupri and the termination of her label deal.

Janet's approach to Twitter will be fascinating. Will she use it simply as a promotional tool or will she become an over-sharer like John Mayer or Miley Cyrus? Will she take the Mariah Carey route and use it to build strangely influential relationships with her fans? Will she simply rap in the guise of an injured MC's body part? (That last one seems unlikely.) Regardless, the next few months will probably be busy for Janet, as she'll be working on the album, still dealing with the aftermath of Michael's death (including the possible care of his children) and working out a business deal for distribution and promotion for her upcoming projects. Regardless, Janet's next album will immediately become one of the most hotly-anticipated of the year when it finally rolls out.

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