Ashton Kutcher Schools Jimmy Fallon In The Art Of Skee Ball, Twitter

He's already taken on Betty White in a game of beer pong, and now Jimmy Fallon has schooled another celebrity in another game of skill. Last night on "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon," the late night host challenged guest Ashton Kutcher to a round of skee ball, the popular carnival game. The stakes? The loser had to tweet that they lost to his opponent live on the show. Kutcher called his team "The Bankers" (because he perfected a bank shot) while Fallon referred to his one-man squad as "That's Amazing." The heated contest ended in controversial fashion, as Fallon's machine appeared to inflate his score once the game was over. But in the end, he came out victorious.

Kutcher isn't the type of guy to welch on bets, so he did indeed tweet "I got my ass kicked by @jimmyfallon in skeeball that's amazing" seconds after the final scores were tallied. Kutcher then stuck around for the rest of the show, chatting with Fallon and riffing with WWE wrestler Triple H.