LL Cool J Hears Michael Jackson Singing To Him In His Sleep: The MTV Quote Of The Day

"The crazy thing is, I had a dream. Michael Jackson wrote that for me in a dream. That's crazy, right? I had a dream, and homeboy wrote it for me in a dream. I saw it on a paper. I woke up and just jotted it all down on paper. Michael Jackson, that's for you, baby. I love you."

-LL Cool J in the outro to his latest track "Billie Jean Dream (Michael Jackson Tribute)." The veteran rapper says that the lyrics to the entire track, in which LL raps over the beat from "Billie Jean," were written entirely by the late Jackson in a dream he had. While the man born James Todd Smith isn't the first rapper to pay tribute to the fallen superstar (he joins the Game, Jay-Z, Young Jeezy and, uh, Ron Artest), he is the first to claim that his particular tribute was written by Jackson himself. He put the song up for free up at his Web site and has also launched a contest to find the best MJ tribute tracks (the winner will receive promotion on the site). All kidding aside, "Billie Jean Dream" is a pretty great track that finds LL in top form.