Sara Stokes Gets Arrested, Further Tarnishing The Legacy Of Da Band

As great as "Making His Band" is, it can't compare to "Making the Band 2," which focused on Diddy trying to put together a rap group that ended up being called Da Band. Sadly, one of the group's members found her way into the news today, and it wasn't for something musical: Sara Stokes was arrested for stabbing her husband in a domestic incident in their California home. The group — consisting of singer Stokes and rappers Babs, Ness, Frederick, Dylan and Chopper — disbanded shortly after the release of their single underrated album Too Hot For TV in 2003. Diddy kept Ness and Babs together as a duo and added Chopper to his Bad Boy South roster, but the rest of the group seems to have faltered.

Ness is probably the success story of the group. Even though Diddy was ready to package him and Babs as "hip-hop's new Bonnie and Clyde," the duo never put out an album (which Babs told MTV News was supposed to be a double-disc affair during a 2004 interview). Ness has since renamed himself E. Ness, has put out a number of mixtapes and remains signed to Bad Boy (with an album coming soon, according to Diddy).

On the other hand, Babs was cut loose from her contract and is currently putting together a posse of female MCs (ironically, she runs with a number of fellow major label underachievers, like Lady Luck and the Lady of Rage). Chopper (also known as Young City) put out an album on Bad Boy South but has since gone off on his own, making semi-regular video blog entries. Frederick (now known as Freddy P) has also ended up adrift in the independent hip-hop world full of MySpace shout-outs and broken URLs. And Dylan (also known as Dylan Dylinjah), the show's villain who was famously lampooned by Dave Chappelle, is also on the mixtape circuit.

The group was promising and wildly entertaining on the TV show, but they have ultimately not lived up to their potential (or to the success of other "Making the Band" groups, like Day26 and Danity Kane). That being said, they did have a spectacular war cry: "D-A ... B-A ... N-DEEEEEEEEE!"