Do Nude Photos Of Ashley Greene And Vanessa Hudgens Shift Opinions? The Oh Snap! Poll

Porn used to be complicated: You had to go to a seedy theater or sneak home with a tawdry magazine in order to get your fill of flesh. The idea of seeing celebrities in the nude was limited to desperate Hollywood hunks who tried to grab headlines by appearing in Playgirl and the occasional piece of after-party video that would instantly become legendary (like the one made by the Go-Go's). Now, a combination of easy access to cameras, the speed of the Internet and the questionable decision-making processes of younger and younger stars, it's not very hard to see your favorite famous person in some state of undress. The Internet has been buzzing for the past few days about the nude photos of "Twilight" star Ashley Greene and the second set of pics that show "High School Musical" star Vanessa Hudgens in various scantily-clad poses. Their lawyers and representatives are quick to respond, but the damage is ultimately done.

Or is it? Do nude photos of celebrities — especially particularly young ones — change popular opinion of them? We took to the streets and talked to some of the groovy kids in the audience for today's episode of "It's On with Alexa Chung" to find out what they thought about seeing stars in the buff.


The laughably unscientific results show that it's a fairly even split, with 56 percent of those asked saying that naked pics do indeed change their opinion of the stars in question (and almost entirely in a negative direction). The most common response cited the fact that these celebs are considered role models, and those types of photos set a bad example for kids who look up to them. For the 44 percent of those who said no, most of them sympathized with their over-exposure.