Snoop Dogg Delivers The Old School at Lollapalooza

By Steven Roberts

CHICAGO -- I grew up on Snoop Dogg. Outside of A Tribe Called Quest’s “Scenario,” I think “Nuthin’ But a 'G Thang” was the probably the first rap song I knew the words to. Thinking of Snoop riding down the block on somebody’s handlebars wearing a Penguins jersey, khakis and Chucks in the “Gin & Juice” music video brings a smile to my face. I remember watching his performance of “Murder was the Case” at the 1993 VMA Awards like it was yesterday.?

So, when I found out I as going to Lollapalooza this year, Snoop was the one person I needed to see. I had never seen him live and I didn’t care if I slogged my way through rain and the heat and saw nothing else. What better place to see Snoop then at Lollapalooza with tens of thousands of people??

I grabbed a camera so I could be in the press pit for his performance; snapping photos was secondary, I needed a front row seat! Once I got down there, I couldn’t see how far back the crowd stretched from the front of the Chicago 2016 stage. People in the crowd were chanting “we want Snoop,” and a certain pungent aroma was in the air. I knew it was only a matter of a time.?

I could feel my mouth stretch from ear-to-ear as Snoop hit the stage. Photographers are allowed to snap photos for three songs in the press pit. I don’t remember any of the songs that played, but I think I snapped about 200 pictures of Snoop wearing his yellow Lakers T-shirt.

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