Bat For Lashes: An Ethereal Oasis At Lollapalooza ’09

By Rich Sancho

CHICAGO — Day Three is underway at Lollapallooza, and the summer heat is in full bloom. I check the Sunday schedule and see a familiar name, Bat For Lashes, an act introduced to me by a close friend and ex-MTV News online producer, Daniela Capistrano. Daniela had done a piece on a very talented young lady whom she raved about – who had a sound along the lines of an electronic/ ambient Mazzy Star and Tori Amos. That’s something I could definitely get into.

I wandered through the desert-like grounds here at Grant Park to the Vitaminwater stage to take a look and listen.

When Bat For Lashes, a.k.a. enigmatic singer Natasha Khan, started her set, it was clear that the crowd was stacked with Bat For Lashes fans, not simply curious festival goers. The relationship between the frontwoman and crowd seemed uncommonly intimate for a gigantic dry, hot field in the middle of Chicago, with bits of flirty dialogue bouncing back and forth throughout the set.

Her music was a welcomed departure from the prior 48 hours of guitar distortion – beautiful ambient textures, electro and tribal beats enveloped in Natasha’s angelic, sweeping vocals.

Daniela was right. Bat For Lashes absolutely gained at least one fan this weekend. All in all, a mellow, surreal oasis in the midst of a scorching day three at Lollapalooza 2009.

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