Atmosphere Moves the Crowd – and the Press Tent – at Lollapalooza

by Steven Roberts

Chicago – – I hope you’ve been enjoying our Lollapalooza coverage. Our small team has been hard at work trying to bring you the latest from the festival. It was hot as you know what today, but we love our jobs so you won’t hear us complaining. There is one thing that bothered me, though. Atmosphere was performing right outside of our media tent earlier, and he was ****ing killing it. Unfortunately, we couldn’t go watch it.

The Chicago 2016 stage is right next to the media area, and it has hosted some impressive acts, including Gaslight Anthem and Depeche Mode. But Slug’s voice and Ant’s beats had our staff’s heads nodding as we worked. Other people in the area were actually looking over the fence, separating us from the Chicago stage, and nodding away.

Again, I’m not complaining. I finished writing and editing a video for one blog, and I sat in my chair nodding my head along. Then I went to go shoot an interview and performance for another, and I see a sea of people with their hands in the air waving them like they just don’t care. As we walked by Dhani Harrison – yup George’s son – even pointed out how amazing they were.

After the shoot, I ran to go see the Minneapolis hip-hop duo – with a camera of course. People in the crowd were rocking to the beat, under the intense sun, fixed on Slug’s every word as he made his way around the stage. I wanted to stay and get lost in it all as well, but I had work to do… an interview with Lykke Li.

Hey, I’m not complaining.