Lady Gaga Thanks MTV With Flashlights, Vomit

When told that she had received nine nominations at the 2009 Video Music Awards, Beyoncé had a totally reasonable, measured response. “I’m excited and honored to be tied for most nominated for the VMAs,” she said. “I’ve been blessed this year to have ’Single Ladies’ become a video people really connected with and responded to. I’ve spent so much time watching all the great versions people created all around the world. It’s beautiful to feel you touch people and bring a song to life with a video.” But when Lady Gaga heard about her nine nominations (tying her with Beyoncé for most nominations this year), her response was a little more unusual.

“After years of hustle in New York City, where we made our art videos in bars, myself and the Haus of Gaga are honored to receive nine nominations for the 2009 VMAs,” she said. “We believe in the immensity and the promise of ’showbiz’ and will continue to give it mouth-to-mouth, till its vomiting return. All you need is a camcorder, a flashlight and one truly great idea. Thank you, MTV, for being our video flagship, and for supporting this bunch of inspired kids, who love to get wasted and make art together.” It is a truly unlikely turn of events for Lady Gaga, who famously dropped out of NYU to create a persona and experiment with pop music and fame as an art project. However, the two videos for which she received nominations — “Poker Face” and “Paparazzi” — are hardly “camcorder and flashlight” affairs. In reality, Beyoncé’s minimalist clip for “Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)” is more in tune with Gaga’s art-school ethos, as it’s simply a few camera moves and a lot of dancing.

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