Drake’s Knee Has The Best Twitter On The Internet

Former “Degrassi” star and Lil Wayne protégé Drake is off the “America’s Most Wanted” tour because he re-injured his knee during a show in New Jersey over the weekend. That’s a bummer, as the tour was supposed to be a combination coming out party and victory lap for his hit single “Best I Ever Had” and his upcoming album Thank Me Later. But lingering issues have sent him back to his hometown of Toronto while he recovers. But if there is a silver lining to all this, it’s that it has paved the way for the Drake’s Knee Twitter, which is fast becoming the greatest single thing on the Internet.

The feed, which in just a few days has already amassed 63 tweets and over 4,100 followers, delivers fake rap verses all from the perspective of Drake’s injured joint. It seemed to launch as soon as Drake went down during a concert in New Jersey, opening up with the rhyme “Performing is an issue when u see the paramedic/ Please whissssssssle like the “Andy Griffith” theme song / Ambulance takin too long.” It quickly became a place for updates (“KanYeezy’s in the studio right now/ I’m up tonight still writin like a night owl/ Thru the wire part 2/ After Arthriscopy/ lights out), boasting (“Cats actin all aggy but inside they wanna be me/ @drakesknee be reason their girl hoggin up the PC), a little bit of filth (“She met me in person/ Closed the Maybach curtain/ Shawrty’s knees usually hurtin/ Roles reversed for certain”) and plenty of self-promotion (“’Drizzy why u limpin/ And why can’t u make time for me?’/ Baby it’s by design, get in line, follow me @drakesknee”).

All told, it’s one of the funniest and most inventive Twitter feeds we’ve read, and much better than Drake’s actual Twitter feed, which isn’t updated all that often.

What do you think: Is “Drake’s Knee” a great Twitter or the greatest Twitter? Leave your thoughts in the comments or head over to Your.MTV.com and make your voice heard!

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