William Shatner Returns To 'Tonight' To Tackle Sarah Palin's Tweets

Well, he's done it again. Following up on his masterful performance on Monday night's "Tonight Show," William Shatner returned to Conan O'Brien's stage in Los Angeles to once again lambaste the words of former Alaska Governor and Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin. In Monday's segment, Shatner did dramatic readings of portions of Palin's jumbled farewell address. Last night, the "Star Trek" veteran and Emmy winner brought his best bohemian voice to Palin's Twitter. Like her speech, O'Brien assumed that Palin's tweets were simply poems in disguise.

On her exit, Palin promised that she would keep in touch with her fans and followers via the microblogging service, though she has yet to update her feed since exiting office. Still, her history of tweets provided plenty of fodder for Shatner and his accompanying bongo and bass players. "Tourists from across America/ Here loving their 49th state/ I'm reminded on heart, one hope, one destiny/ One flag from sea to sea," Shatner said, barely able to keep a straight face. In another, he intoned, "Awesome Alaska night/ Sensing summer already winding down/ With fireweed near full bloom/ Finally sitting down to pen/ Listening to Big and Rich." Palin's message isn't any clearer when delivered from the soothing throat of the original Captain Kirk, but it certainly becomes more entertaining.

In Conan O'Brien's still-nascent tenure on "The Tonight Show," Shatner has become something of a fixture and has taken part in some of the more memorable moments in the show's run. In addition to this week's dramatic poetry readings, he also sat down for an interview a few weeks ago where O'Brien chastised him for being unable to do the Vulcan peace sign (which earned the host a flip of the bird) and told a story about getting out of a speeding ticket while in his "Star Trek" costume.