William Shatner Takes Sarah Palin Where No Man Has Gone Before

It’s no “Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds” or “Rocket Man,” but William Shatner took to the airwaves on Monday night on “The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien” and turned former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin’s rambling, magnetic poetry-esque farewell speech into a soaring benediction in the way only a tireless pitchman/geek legend/part-time beat poet can.

Wrapping his velvet fog voice around such tortured pastoral blank verse as, “Denali, the great one, soaring under the midnight sun/ And then the extremes/ In the winter time it’s the frozen road that is competing with the view of ice fogged frigid beauty/ The cold though/ Doesn’t it split the Cheechakos from the Sourdoughs,” Shatner almost made the goodbye address make sense.

Gravely intoning, “And then in the summertime/ Such extreme summertime/ About a hundred and fifty degrees hotter than just some months ago/ Than just some months from now/ With fireweed blooming along the frost heaves and merciless rivers that are rushing and carving/ And reminding us that here, Mother Nature wins,” the “Star Trek” veteran brought clarity to an otherwise cloudy last wave from the one-time Republican vice presidential nominee and possible future Rush Limbaugh running buddy.

After watching it several times, O’Brien said it finally dawned on him that the hard-to-follow media-takedown “was always meant to be a poem!””Hence, he invited frequent guest Shatner out to read the speech in its entirety while backed by bongos and a stand-up bass player. What doesn’t make sense about that liberal media?

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