Young Jeezy Preps For America’s Most Wanted, Guarantees Hotness

By Rahman Dukes

SCRANTON, Pennsylvania — Fresh off a flight, Atlanta’s trap star, Mr. 17.5, Young Jeezy himself arrived at the Toyota Pavilion Center with his CTE crew not far behind. Draped in his usual Dickies garb and navy blue Chucks, a tired-looking Jeezy sat down to chop it up with Sway for a few following his rehearsal for tonights show.

“How long this gonna take?” Jeezy asked Sway. Who could blame him? Jeezy wanted to make sure he got a decent amount of rest before he hit that stage tonight just before 8 p.m. I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing a few shows from the man myself, and I must say he delivers.

While you’ll be sure to catch much more of our interview with Jeezy, one of the highlights that stood out (and may not make the final cut) was Jeezy’s guarantee that he will make the annual MTV News “Hottest MCs in the Game” list. “I been on that a few times,” he said with a smirk. When Sway posed the question as to who his vote for hottest MC was, he responded that it probably was a few names that mainstream media wouldn’t necessarily agree with, including Lil Boosie. “We could have our own roundtable and chop it up over some Swisher Sweets,” he said. I’ll take that deal any day, my friend.

After we let Jeezy go, we finally recieved our credentials (can’t you feel the excitement coming off of Sway’s face in that picture?). Now it’s back to the hotel we go. We’ve still got the Soulja Boy interview on deck, and then it’s showtime. Stay tuned and we’ll holla at you again soon.