Will Jordin Sparks Be The Top ‘American Idol’ Vet This Week? The Oh Snap! Poll

“American Idol” isn’t currently on the air (new episodes won’t return until January 2010), but there is plenty of intrigue surrounding the show. Ryan Seacrest and Paula Abdul have both been working on their contracts, the summer auditions have wrapped up and the live tour is underway. This week sees a strange confluence of “Idol” album news, as Jordin Sparks and Brooke White both released albums yesterday and Daughtry finds his new album at the top of the album chart today. It’s an interesting little three-way showdown, as it pits the soulful diva, the introspective singer-songwriter and the edgy arena rocker against each other. But of those three diverse albums, which one will reign supreme?

We hit the streets to ask: Between Sparks, Daughtry and White, which former “American Idol” contestant will have the finest album?


The (highly unscientific) results reveal that an overwhelming number of people we polled — 97%, in fact — believe that Jordin Sparks stands tall over the current competition among “Idol” veterans. Daughtry picked up 3%, and poor Brooke White came up with a goose egg. Sparks’ single “Battlefield” has done very well, Daughtry has already proven himself as a sales force and White has done well maintaining a following in her post-“Idol” life. But only popular opinion and sales figures will decide who is left standing on top.

It just so happens that Sparks stopped by the MTV Newsroom today, so stay tuned for reports from that visit — as well as news on Daughtry and Brooke White — at MTV News.

What do you think: Will Jordin Sparks shine brightest, will Brooke White sneak up from behind or will Daughtry remain on top? Leave your thoughts in the comments or head over to to make your voice heard!

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