What Should Ryan Ross Name His New Band?

Earlier this week, I spoke to former Panic! at the Disco guitarist/“Scarface”-in-training Ryan Ross, who talked at length about the new band he’s starting with fellow Panic expat Jon Walker, a decidedly retro-leaning group that has the hooks and the looks, but is lacking one necessary key to rock band success: a name.

It seems neither Ross nor Walker can come up with a thoroughly awesome handle for their new band (they thought about “The Guts,” but decided it was “too punk” for their liking), and the problem was getting so bad that Ross flat-out asked me for my help: “If you’ve got any good band names,” he laughed. “Send ’em to me.”

I’ll admit it: I sort of froze. I have about a million awesome band names floating around in my head at any given moment (Like “Weed Dragon” — just came up with that one right now), but when put on the spot, I couldn’t come up with a single one. Naturally, I felt kind of bad about it. I didn’t want to let good ol’ R.R. down.

Of course, now having a few days to think about it, I’ve come up with no less than three-dozen killer band names for Ross’s new group (thanks, L’esprit de l’escalier), so I feel like I would be remiss if I didn’t reveal some of them here. Perhaps RyRo will read this and see something that will catch his eye. So, with apologies, here are my picks:

» Panic? at the Disco
» Flaco y Melenudo
» (Not) The Beatles
» Bongzilla
» The Jon (and not) Spencer (or Brendon) Blues Explosion
» R.Y.R.O. Speedwagon
» No Use For A Name
» Jon’s Addiction
» The Beets

But those are just my ideas — now it’s time to hear some of yours. Lemme know what you’ve got in the comments below.

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