Shane Carwin Will Beat Brock Lesnar (If He Changes His Entrance Music)

Over the weekend at UFC 100, former professional wrestler Brock Lesnar established himself as the most dominant heavyweight MMA fighter in the world, delivering a pounding to top contender Frank Mir. Lesnar has only had five fights in his career, but he’s a freak who seemingly can’t be beaten.

Enter Shane Carwin, a man nicknamed “The Colossus From Colorado” who will become the next in line to fight Lesnar should he beat Cain Velasquez in October. Carwin is also a beast who may have faster hands and a better reach than Lesnar. But he has one thing working against him: His music.

Brock Lesnar made his UFC debut using Mötley Crüe’s “Shout at the Devil” but has since adopted Metallica’s “Enter Sandman.” It’s a little cliché, sure, but it’s also exceptionally badass (especially in a sport where “putting people to sleep” is the main goal). On the other hand, Carwin used Drowning Pool’s “Bodies” walking into his last fight. A heavy song for sure, but it’s hard to compete with Metallica.

So what is Carwin to do? Here are a few suggestions.

Judas Priest, “Revolution”

It’s got an ominous intro, a heavier-than-thou riff and lyrics that suggest that a change is coming whether you like it or not — perfect for a guy looking to unseat a champion.

Godsmack, “I Stand Alone”

It’s loud and has a video about fighting off monsters all by yourself. Plus, it came from “The Scorpion King,” which starred former wrestler Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, which might get into Brock’s head.

Mastodon, “Sleeping Giant”

Mastodon is a little brainer than most of your average MMA metal, but the payoff is huge. Carwin could talk about turning Lesnar into “a sleeping giant.”

Eminem, “Lose Yourself

Carwin will truly only have one shot, so he shouldn’t miss his chance to blow. How this isn’t the theme song for every underdog contender in the sports world is confusing and mysterious.

R.E.M., “Shiny Happy People”

Just to mess with people.