‘Rap Chop’ And ‘Press Hop’ DJ Turns Viral Video Into Big Business

DJ Steve Porter didn’t intend to necessarily stir things up when he threw “a bunch of Auto-Tune” on an informercial hosted by pitchman Vince Offer. Rather, “Slap Chop Rap” was born out of boredom. “I became slightly disenchanted with the electronic and dance music scene,” Porter explains. “I reached a point where I wanted to try something different.”

His fun forays into video remixing — which also include the much-buzzed-about sports press conference mash-up “Press Hop” — have turned into a cottage industry for him: He has teamed up with Slap Chop pitchman Offer to create official remixes, and the exposure also scored him a job doing remixes for FedEx.

Porter began his experiments with video remixing about a year ago. The result was “Snap Ur Fraggle,” a combination of Lil Jon tape and footage from “Fraggle Rock” that Porter admits is “sort of terrible.” But he caught the bug and learned some things along the way, spinning his curiosity into “Slap Chop Rap,” “Press Hop,” the Michael Jackson-spoofing “This Is It Remix” and the recently unveiled “Henry Rollins Featuring Techno Viking.” His view counts kept climbing and the mainstream came calling. “’Press Hop’ was on ESPN,” Porter says. “I can’t believe how quickly it took the sports world by storm.”

The DJ is prepping a video remix album for release in September, and then he’ll decide where he goes from there in order to bring together the dance hardcores who have followed him from the beginning and the new fans who are deep into the videos. It’ll be a complicated balance to strike, but Porter isn’t terribly concerned. “A lot of the traditionalists in dance music are like, ’What are you doing, Steve Porter?’ But my answer to them is that I’m having fun for the first time in five years.”

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