Panic! At The Disco Premiere Demo, Bring Back The Exclamation Point

It’s been a surreal week for Panic! at the Disco. The band was cleaved in half with the departure of guitarist Ryan Ross and bassist Jon Walker for another musical project, as well as the wacky rumor that former Michael Jackson guitarist Orianthi Panagaris would be taking Ross’ place. Needless to say, speculation about the band has been rampant.

But today on their official site, drummer Spencer Smith helped clear up some speculation. Smith asserts that they the band’s tour dates with Blink-182 will go on as planned, and that he and singer Brendon Urie were still hard at work in the studio. In fact, they debuted a piece of a demo of a song called “Oh Glory” that starts out as a psychedelic dance tune and morphs into an arena rock stomper. Smith also says to stay tuned for an upcoming single called “New Perspective.”

Perhaps the most important development, though? The fact that Smith signed the note as “Spencer of Panic! at The Disco,” which means that after a brief disappearance, the exclamation point is back to confound copy editors around the country. As predicted, that suggests that the two-headed version of Panic! At the Disco that will be soldiering on will probably sound a lot like the band from their breakout album A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out.

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