Madden Brothers, Lonely Island Bring The Fireworks

By Jayson Rodriguez

It wasn't quite Diddy and Ashton Kutcher's much-hyped White Party, but the Madden Brothers kept plenty of folks dancing during the holiday weekend festivities.

The pair DJ'd the "SoBe Lifewater 4th of July Event" sponsored by Belvedere and hosted by Lonely Island's Andy Samberg and Akiva Schaffer, along with the lovely (loooovely, fellas, trust me) Rashida Jones.

The West Coast was definitely represented well on the playlist, with tracks by Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre pumping out of the speakers set up poolside at the Hotel Shangri-La in Santa Monica. DJ Reflex manned the turntables earlier in the day.

Lil Wayne's "Got Money" got the buzz going in the later afternoon, as Kevin Connolly, Brittany Snow, Aziz Ansari, Keenan Thompson and Britney Spears' agent-cum-boyfriend all passed through the party.

Good times, good food — and you didn't even have to worry about your white outfit getting dirty.