Mastodon Roll Out Custom Beer, Sneaker Line

Rock memorabilia can be pretty limited: There are T-shirts, hoodies, the odd hat and the occasional piece of underwear. But fantastically intense metal band Mastodon have diversified their band-associated swag portfolio.

First, they've developed their own beer. With the help of German brewery Mahr's Bräu, the band developed a limited-edition lager that was only available to the band and the people surrounding them at Sonisphere, a festival also featuring Metallica, Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park and Nine Inch Nails. Only 200 bottles were produced, and there aren't currently any plans to make any more.

But if you really want to own a unique piece of Mastodon, then you have options, like these sneakers that use album art. The shoes — two pairs of high-tops and two pairs of slides — borrow the art from the group's 2006 album Blood Mountain and are currently available for pre-order (though they're supposed to be fully-available today). The kicks will set you back $89 (with the low-tops available for $73) plus the cost of shipping from the U.K. Like anything this cool, there are only a limited number of pairs available, but if you're serious about being a member of the "Colony of Birchmen," you'll be first in line.