Foo Fighters Debut New Song On White House Lawn

Foo Fighters had a pretty sweet view of the Washington, D.C. fireworks on Independence Day, as they were on stage on the lawn of the White House while they were happening. The band played a private show for the Obama family and White House staff to celebrate the Fourth of July. “It’s an honor to be playing here for you people. I’m glad that we’re here and I’m glad that we’re spending this Fourth of July together,” Grohl said as he opened the show, which featured the unveiling of a new song called “Wheels.” Grohl described the song as about “the feeling when the wheels touch the ground and you’re like ’I’m glad that’s over with.'” In the chorus, Grohl sings, “When you feel like it’s all over, there’s another round for you.”

It’s a very appropriate sentiment for Foo Fighters, who are currently in a state of flux. The group has been on an official hiatus since the end of their tour last year, and bassist Nate Mendel is hitting the road with his old band Sunny Day Real Estate. Grohl himself has a new project too: He’s teaming up with former collaborators Josh Homme (Queens of the Stone Age) and John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin). The still-unnamed band’s existence isn’t new (Grohl has been discussing the project since 2005), but they are currently recording an album in Los Angeles.

What would you name the band? We’re bummed that Probot has already been taken, but we’re sure those guys will come up with something.

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