Kevin Skinner Is No Susan Boyle, But He Can Catch A Chicken

So far, “America’s Got Talent” hasn’t had a watershed performance like Susan Boyle’s, which blew the world away on the show’s British counterpart. But last night’s show featured Kevin Skinner, a self-proclaimed “chicken catcher” who sang and strummed his way through a gorgeous rendition of Garth Brooks’ ballad “If Tomorrow Never Comes.” Judge David Hasselhoff seemed genuinely moved by the song, and Piers Morgan was considerably impressed by the juxtaposition of Skinner’s ratty appearance and the gentle beauty of the tune.

While “America’s Got Talent” has been a little underwhelming so far, it’s safe to say that last night’s show — which also featured an eighth-grader named Thia Megia who sang a Jennifer Holliday song that was similarly stunning — was the best so far. The competition could get very interesting from here on out.