Wake-Up Video: Jon Bon Jovi's 'Midnight In Chelsea'

Happy anniversary to Jon Bon Jovi, who signed his first record deal on this day in 1983. He was still John Bongiovi then, but his name was later simplified to what we know today, but he famously pitched "Johnny Lightning" as an alternative moniker.

People make a big deal out of Madonna's ability to reinvent herself, but Bon Jovi doesn't get nearly enough credit for those same feats. He began as a rugged bar band guy in the "Runaway" era, then graduated to become one of the biggest acts of the metal era ("You Give Love a Bad Name"). When hair rock fell out of favor, the band morphed into adult rock balladeers ("This Ain't A Love Song"), then somehow became a hip computer-rock band ("It's My Life") and has since transitioned into a country-rock juggernaut ("Lost Highway").

But to pay tribute to the beginning of Bon Jovi's career, check out "Midnight in Chelsea," from JBJ's 1997 solo album Destination Anywhere. It's a woefully underrated collection of sensitive singer-songwriter tunes with just a hint of electronic influence thrown in, and this is its best example.