Wake-Up Video: Michael Jackson's 'Liberian Girl'

The news of Michael Jackson's death still doesn't seem entirely real, and there are still a lot of questions that remain unanswered. (Stay tuned to MTV News for updates as details surface). Tributes and remembrances have been pouring in from all over, which only drives home the fact that Michael Jackson may go down in history as the most famous single person the world has ever seen. Recognizable on every continent, Jackson had a quality that drew people to him. People often talk about performers who have "it" — and whatever "it" is, MJ had it in spades.

"Liberian Girl" was not one of Jackson's bigger hits (it's not even included on any of the Jackson compilation albums), but was still the ninth and final single from the Bad album (a staggering statistic, considering that record had 11 tracks). Though Jackson had plenty of star-studded video affairs, this one takes the cake. There are dozens of celebrity cameos (including walk-ons by Steven Spielberg, Suzanne Somers and John Travolta. The "Where's Michael?" theme of the clip was designed as a piece of whimsy, but it now carries a tragic irony.


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