50 Cent Thinks Drake's Buzz Might Be Label-Generated

In hip-hop, the name on everybody's lips is "Degrassi" star and Kanye West protégé Drake. The Canadian rapper currently appears on two songs ("Best I Ever Had" and "Every Girl") in the Billboard Top 10, and he is currently being courted by a number of labels (though he has yet to sign). A lot of people have said they haven't seen this sort of buzz since 50 Cent first came up, but 50 himself disagrees.

"I don't think you can accomplish that right now without finances," 50 told XXL. "It was impossible for my music to be on the radio when I was coming up. When you hear a song on the radio, it's being worked. That song is being worked like he's on the label. They've got the public feeling like it's just happening." 50, whose new album Before I Self-Destruct is coming out in September, thinks that Drake may be receiving funds from a label as a way to get him to sign with them.