Hurricane Chris Takes 'Halle Berry' To The Louisiana House Of Representatives

Louisiana rapper Hurricane Chris (of "A Bay Bay" fame) played his strangest venue yet yesterday (June 24): The floor of the Louisiana House of Representatives. Representative Barbara Norton called the rapper into the chamber and presented him with a proclamation honoring him for his work in the community and his success in music. Chris was brought up to a podium to say a few words, but rather than just say "Thanks," he decided to give the group a taste of what he's all about. He cued up his new single "Halle Berry (She's Fine)," explained "we got a lot of different types of women, but if you feel like you look like Halle Berry, then you look like Halle Berry" and cranked up the track so he could rap over it from the microphone at his podium. The rest of the House seems relatively non-plussed; on the bright side, there was cake!