Want To Buy Billy Corgan Lunch? It'll Cost You $1,000

Rock and roll auction items are great. They really provide a sense of exactly how much certain stars are worth. For instance, Eric Clapton-related merchandise fetches big bucks: The acoustic guitar he used in his "MTV Unplugged" performance once fetched $500,000 at an auction. Smashing Pumpkins' Billy Corgan hasn't set that kind of precedent yet, though he may be on his way. Case in point: A Web site hosting a fundraiser for the Songwriters Hall of Fame is touting lunch with Corgan as one of its current auction items. The winner gets lunch at a mutually convenient time in either Chicago or Los Angeles. The kicker? The winner assumes the cost of the lunch. Bidding is currently up to $950 with a shade under five days to go. Also available in the auction: Meet-and-greets with Jason Mraz and Cher (the latter of which is currently going for $9,000), a bass signed by Pete Wentz and original handwritten lyrics to Matchbox Twenty's "Bent."

Where would you take Corgan to lunch if you won? After paying $950, perhaps Arby's would be the best alternative. Or if he's in Los Angeles, perhaps In-N-Out Burger?