Shaq Was Traded To Cleveland, So LeBron Should Watch His Back

15-time NBA All-Star Shaquille O'Neal is headed to the Cleveland Cavaliers in a blockbuster trade. The idea is that Shaq will provide a presence in the middle so that LeBron won't have to carry the burden himself. LeBron would be wise not to cross Shaq, as the 300-pounder has been training for a mixed martial arts fight and has been known to spank a man if he crosses him.

That's exactly what happened back in 2001 when Jack Black and Kyle Gass — better known as Tenacious D (a band name stolen from basketball broadcaster Marv Albert) — sat down for a chat with Shaq. Even though Black praised O'Neal for providing him with one of the more thrilling moments of his life, Shaq still bent the actor/rocker over and gave him what for.


Don't say we didn't warn you, LeBron.

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