My Chemical Romance Drummer Sues Over Dog Death

By Cara Alwill

Bob Bryar, the drummer for My Chemical Romance, has filed charges against Daniel Schaffer, the self-proclaimed "dog trainer to the stars" after the death of his German shepherd mix, Dixie. The trainer has given conflicting explanations for the death.

According to People, Bryar brought his pooch to Schaffer's kennel for intense training to help him recover from abuse and emotional trauma caused by his former owner. Bryar spent $7,500 on the training in April, but when he called to check in on the dog, the trainer reported that Dixie was killed when a drunk driver struck the vehicle in which Schaffer was carrying several dogs, according to the court papers filed in Burbank Supreme Court. Bryar then received a call that evening stating that the dog had died from a different cause.

"Schaffer called (Bryar) again and informed him that he could not say goodbye to Dixie for she had been 'cremated due to her condition,'" the lawsuit says. Two days later, the trainer "delivered an urn allegedly containing Dixie's remains." After Schaffer could not produce a police report documenting the car accident, he changed his story and said the dog died in her sleep, and later changed that story to say she died under other circumstances.

"I don't even know what happened to my best friend and miss her more than anything in the world," Bryar said. "The devastation I feel is beyond words."