The Secret Of The Alexa Chung Look

Alexa Chung is only into the second week of her new MTV show "It's On With Alexa Chung," and already her sense of style is making waves. She's brought a bit of East London chic to New York, and the girls in the office forced me to ask her how one achieves the Alexa Chung look.

Apparently, it's all very simple.

According to Alexa, first you have to look like "a girl who borrowed her brother's school clothes via her grandmother."

What does that mean? It's basically an effortless combination of "boyish school blazers" (i.e. sports jackets) and "ugly grandma things" like baggy sweaters, oversized shirts and big jewelry.

Catch Alexa hanging out in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn (where she lives) and you'll probably find her in a "tiny smock dress" and "over-the-knee socks" with ... wait for it ... "ironic leather pumps."

When I asked her what was ironic about leather pumps, she simply answered, "Well, no one wears loafers."


Check out the video, where I pretended to know what she was talking about but really had no clue whatsoever! I asked one of our resident office fashionistos, Adam Murphy, to explain.

He said, "The irony comes from the disparity between the type of person that would wear leather pumps in earnest versus the type of person that would wear them as a sort of joke."

Thanks Adam, but I'm still confused. Well, anyway, if you want the Alexa Chung look, all you have to do is dress a bit like a boy, a bit like your grandma and a bit ironic — and presto!