Beastie Boys Reveal Album Cover, Tracklisting Of 'Hot Sauce Committee': A Brief Conversation

This morning, the Beastie Boys sent out a press release announcing the album cover and tracklisting for their new album Hot Sauce Committee, which comes out September 15. Here is the immediate conversation I had with MTV News correspondent James Montgomery (conducted via e-mail despite the fact that we sit across from each other).

James: This is rather ... uh ... interesting. The cover makes it look like they're on "Lost." Also, there are songs called "Bundt Cake" and "Funky Donkey" and "Multilateral Nuclear Disarmament."

Kyle: I'm hoping "Lee Majors Come Again" is a prolonged sex fantasy about Col. Steve Austin.

James: Sadly, I think it's a hardcore track, a la "Heart Attack Man." Also, I love how they've now started referring to their songs as "compositions." "Ahem ... this next composition is titled 'Crazy Ass S---.'"

Kyle: "Crazy Ass S---" is, of course, a Phillip Glass cover.

James: Is this enough for a blog?