Beastie Boys Reveal Album Cover, Tracklisting Of ‘Hot Sauce Committee’: A Brief Conversation

This morning, the Beastie Boys sent out a press release announcing the album cover and tracklisting for their new album Hot Sauce Committee, which comes out September 15. Here is the immediate conversation I had with MTV News correspondent James Montgomery (conducted via e-mail despite the fact that we sit across from each other).

James: This is rather … uh … interesting. The cover makes it look like they’re on “Lost.” Also, there are songs called “Bundt Cake” and “Funky Donkey” and “Multilateral Nuclear Disarmament.”

Kyle: I’m hoping “Lee Majors Come Again” is a prolonged sex fantasy about Col. Steve Austin.

James: Sadly, I think it’s a hardcore track, a la “Heart Attack Man.” Also, I love how they’ve now started referring to their songs as “compositions.” “Ahem … this next composition is titled ’Crazy Ass S—.'”

Kyle: “Crazy Ass S—” is, of course, a Phillip Glass cover.

James: Is this enough for a blog?