Alexa Chung Doesn't Eat Meat, Curses Like A Sailor

Not all British people have bad teeth. Our favourite food is not fish and chips. And we don't drink excessive amounts of tea.

But one thing is true: We are all capable of swearing like troopers at a moments notice. Take the lovely Alexa Chung for example. She may look sweet and innocent on the surface, but don't let that fool you.

Last week I stopped by to say hi to my fellow Brit and congratulate her on a great first week of her new show "It's On with Alexa Chung."

Now that she's been living in New York for little over a month, I figured that she might be a little homesick. So I surprised her with a full English breakfast: The ultimate fry-up of sausages, bacon (Aside: English bacon and U.S. bacon are very different, but that's another conversation altogether), Heinz baked beans, toast, eggs, tomatoes and black pudding (fried pigs' blood — I don't eat it). But then I find out she's a vegetarian!

Good work Tim!

Not to worry though, as I had a secret weapon. Go to England and you'll be hard pressed to find one kid who doesn't like Ribena, this great little blackcurrant drink that they only sell in the UK. But I've got connects in the international Ribena smuggling ring and her genuine reaction to the Ribena surprise says it all … peep the vid.


Something that didn't make it into the finished piece (for obvious reasons) was a little outtake I wanted to share with everyone. As I said before, she may look like sweetness and light but believe it or not, Ms. Chung has a mouth like a builder.

Through her own self admission, the angelic-looking Alexa loves to swear, and she does it pretty f---ing well.

So I figured there might be some boys out there who would appreciate a cute British girl swearing profusely for 15 seconds — and judging by the boys' reaction in the office, I was right.



(Ed. note: Of course, we had to bleep out all the curses, but you get the idea.)