Pretty Ricky's Spectacular Says Happy Father's Day

By Jayson Rodriguez

Holidays seem to bring out the oddest forms of sincerity from some people. Two Christmases ago, I got a Happy Yuletide text from Pretty Ricky's Spectacular.

And then yesterday, Spec sent me another holiday text, this time wishing me a Happy Pappy's Day.

Spec's text: "Don't know if you got kids hommie, but Happy Father's Day!!"

J-Rod's thoughts: Uh, okay. I don't have kids, though. Weird. Wait, this is Spectacular texting me?

So I shot him back a quick thank you message.

J-Rod's text: "Ha! Don't have kids but thanks."

His heart was in the right place. And hey, at least he didn't challenge me to a grind-off, right?