In 'Tonight Show' Debut, Triumph Takes Down Beastie Boys At Bonnaroo

When Conan O'Brien moved from the 12:30 slot to the more high-profile "Tonight Show," there was concern in the media (and in the MTV newsroom) that O'Brien wouldn't be able to be as aggressively weird as he was allowed to be on his old show. But on Friday, a familiar face returned to the fray: Former Eminem rival Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, who took his microphone to Bonnaroo to poke fun at dirty hippies and take down a handful of bands, including TV on the Radio and the Beastie Boys. Triumph's Beasties interview was probably the finest bit, which saw Robert Smigel's puppet note, "It used to be 'Check Your Head' and now it's 'Check Your Prostate.'" Check out the entire clip below.