Beyoncé's Tour Opener In New York: Five Things You Might Have Missed

By Daniela Capistrano

Last night, Sasha Fierce made her triumphant return to the States with a performance at Madison Square Garden in New York. By now you've already heard about Beyoncé's insanely talented, guitar slinging all-female band for this tour, her Brüno-inspired (and more gracefully executed) acrobatics and the appearance by hubby Jay-Z during last night's opening number, "Crazy in Love."

I know, I know — "Yawn! What else happened?"

Luckily, I'm a fan with an eye for details, so I've done my best to extract five highlights you might have missed from over two hours of mind-blowing Beyoncé-ness.


» The Fierce Fashion: Audiences have French artist and designer Thierry Mugler to thank for the stylish singer's tour wardrobe. His designs embrace the two personas on stage: Beyoncé's Bottecelli goddess and the leather-clad glamazon Sasha Fierce. I counted no less than ten costume changes, none of which interfered with B's complex dance routines.

» Kick-Ass Covers: Besides dropping staples "At Last" and "Listen," Sasha Fierce surprised and delighted fans with a snarling cover of Alanis Morissette's "You Oughta Know." Never straying from her duality theme, she also managed a bluesy rendition of Sarah McLachlan's "Angel." Needless to say, it was heavenly. Beyoncé's guitarist Divinity also busted out teases of the White Stripes' "Seven Nation Army" and Michael Jackson's "Beat It."

» Beyonce, Age Five: No, a time portal didn't open on stage (though B's production budget certainly could have provided for that). But something close enough did happen: In between songs, the crowd was treated to old home movies of a young, outgoing little Beyoncé dancing and singing in her living room. The artist explained halfway through the show that she was five years old when she realized her love for music and began writing songs. At one point, the five-year-old Beyoncé busted out a crazy dance move that the current Beyoncé mimicked perfectly.

(Click here for more photos of Beyoncé's performance at Madison Square Garden)

» Sweaty Temptations: Near the end of the show, Beyoncé relocated to a smaller stage in the center of Madison Square Garden surrounded by fans who paid through the nose to get within sobbing distance of the diva. From my economically sound view a few tiers above, I witnessed the singer wiping invisible beads of sweat from her face with a white towel, reaching to toss it towards a group of fans, then playfully yanking it back. All the while, a group of dapper young men crowded the stage, flailing their arms in the hope of snagging some of her fresh DNA. Oh Beyoncé, you tease!

» You!: That's right: You were the best part of the show! Well, only if you were one of the fans who submitted a "Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)" video that was turned into an awesome mash up. It was so much fun to see Beyoncé fans of all ages, shapes and sizes attempting the complicated dance moves from the video. The collaboration culminated with President Obama doing the hand wave, which brought everyone in MSG of their seats to bust a move. Finally, Beyoncé brought the house down by showing us all how it's really done.

Oh, oh oh!

Those were my favorite moments. What were yours? Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments!

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