Adam Lambert's New Single 'Want' Isn't Quite New

Late Friday (June 19) afternoon, Perez Hilton posted a "Glambert World Premiere!!!," a bit of organ-driven balladry called "Want," which was billed as "the first single off Adam Lambert's forthcoming album, On With The Show."

Well, yes and no. The material from On With The Show was recorded before Lambert auditioned for "Idol," and it's not being released by RCA Records (with whom Lambert signed a deal after the show), but rather Hi Fi Recordings/Wilshire Records, according to a press release sent to MTV News by a spokesperson for the label.

"Adam co-wrote many of the tracks that will appear on On With the Show — an album of fantastic, diverse material recorded over the course of 2007/2008, right before [his] meteoric rise to prominence," the statement read in part. "These recent recordings from his partnership with Wilshire, an LA-based production and publishing company, are drenched in Lambert's signature pop/rock sound and style ... As America would expect, the music is amazing."

You can check out a clip of the song right here.


Earlier Friday, a rep for the singer confirmed that Lambert is working with Lady Gaga producer RedOne for tracks from his forthcoming RCA debut.

Hilton has already posted an update correcting the original post, and a spokesperson for 19 Entertainment — which produces "Idol" and manages the post-show careers of most of the contestants — said Perez's post contained "false information" and that a full statement would be forthcoming.