Joking Behind The Scenes With Jamie Foxx

By Selina Kaye

Grammy-nominated singer, Oscar-winning actor and hilarious comedian Jamie Foxx always seems too good to be true. How can one man be so talented — and still have so much more to offer? MTV News sat down with Foxx to talk about upcoming movies, his new tour and hosting the BET Awards.

Not only is he extremely funny and charismatic on camera, but I got to see him up close, behind the scenes as I assisted with his interview with MTV News' Tim Kash. Foxx revealed some exclusive secrets about his upcoming "Blame It" tour. He also gave a special shout out to up and coming rapper Drake, performed with him this week on "The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien."

Foxx was always on, constantly making everyone in the room laugh hysterically. It got to the point where one person had to leave the room so as not to disturb the interview.

This morning, Foxx performed on "Good Morning America," where he did his signature impressions of Barack Obama and Ray Charles. He performed his new song "Digital Girl" and got the crowd to bounce during his club hit "Blame It." To close out the show, he serenaded a clearly uncomfortable Diane Sawyer, topping off a whirlwind 24 hours in fantastically Foxx-ian style.