Shockingly, Blink-182 Not Playing Cleveland Nail Salon

It seemed too good (or bizarre) to be true, though with Blink-182 you never can be sure.

Did Blink-182 schedule a one-off gig at a Cleveland nail salon? That's what it said on the tour page of the band's Interscope Records site, which — for reasons not clear to anyone — showed the guys appearing at Alice's International Salon & Spa on July 10, nearly two weeks before their tour was officially scheduled to kick off in Las Vegas.

Obviously, this got Blink fans buzzing. Imagine catching Mark, Tom and Travis while luxuriating in a seaweed hydration wrap, or getting a French mani-pedi! And doing it all in beautiful Cleveland!

Sadly, it turns out the spa date wasn't legit. MTV News contacted a spokesperson for Interscope, who told us that the show listing was obviously "an error," and had no idea how it even ended up on Blink's page in the first place. The spokesperson added that the date would be removed immediately. Lo and behold, the listing has completely disappeared from the site.

Of course, that didn't stop rabid Blink fans from inundating the rather puzzled employees of Alice's with phone calls ("I called the place up four different times and I finally spoke with the manager who had no idea [about the show]" read a typical post on a Blink fansite), which must have made for a very interesting week at the salon.

"I heard about it like three times. I never actually answered the phone, but people kept calling," an Alice's employee (who didn't want to give her name, obviously out of fear of Blink-related retaliation) told MTV News. "Someone here will answer the phone and after they get off the call, they'll say, 'That was someone else calling about such-and-such playing a concert here.' It's definitely strange."