The Jonas Brothers Thrill Young Fans On 'Today'

By Haley Murphy

After performing last week on "Good Morning America" and appearing on "Larry King Live" late last night, the Jonas Brothers were at it again early this morning on "Today" to kick off the show's Summer Concert Series and celebrate Nick's recent graduation. Thousands of fans — some of whom waited for two days (in the rain!) — stood outside the studio to get a spot to see the JoBros play live.

I ran into their manager Johnny Wright (who also managed *NSYNC and Britney Spears, among others), and he said that nearly 6,000 people had shown up. The boys looked flawless as usual in their tight pants and sunglasses and were jumping all over the stage despite their early soundcheck at 6:45 this morning! In the middle of the performing their hit "Love Bug," Joe Jonas left the stage to sing for the hundreds of fans lined up around the block. I thought I was going to be killed by a group of 10-year-olds while the boys sang a mere foot away from me.

The JoBros wooed the crowd with "Burnin' Up," and one adoring fan nearly passed out when Nick touched her hand. I made a few friends during the concert, and it was my luck that in the middle of the show, they were chosen to visit the band's dressing room to take some pictures! I tagged along and got the inside scoop on what the JoBros were like up close and personal. Best of all, I got to have my picture taken with them!

(Click for more photos from the Jonas Brothers' performance on "Today" in New York!)

While waiting outside the dressing room, my new friends were taking deep breaths and preparing to win over the boys' hearts. When the moment came for them to meet the JoBros, it was all too quick, but they left the show saying it was "the best day of their lives."