The Jonas Brothers Promise No Brother (Or MTV News Reporter) Left Behind

What do Nick, Joe and Kevin Jonas do when they find a little downtime? The simple answer: "Play golf and hang out and chill and stuff." But then they let MTV News in on what really happens when the Jonas Brothers aren't working.

They ride dirt bikes up to Canada. Then they take a submarine to Antarctica. And then they fly back in time for a show. I got tired just thinking about it.

And despite Kevin's inability to remember going on any of these trips, troublemaker Joe and peacekeeper Nick assured us that "there are no forgotten Jonas Brothers. No man left behind. That's our motto."

"No brother left behind ... or somebody's in trouble," Joe added.


We don't believe them, but maybe we will if we actually go with them on one of these extraordinary-sounding excursions. And the fact that the guys have invited me (and I guess some people from MTV News can come along if they have to — like maybe fellow Team Jonas member Akshay Bhansali) to join them the next time this happens. As you read this, I am planning out what I am going to wear for the big day. What does one wear to a dirt bike race?

How much would you love to see the Jonas Brothers ride dirt bikes with MTV News?