Beck To Launch Star-Studded Record Club

If I've ever had a complaint about Beck, it's that the guy is not nearly as prolific as he should be. I've always imagined that there are rooms full of songs that he has never shared with us that are every bit as good as the stuff he has officially released. But that all could change. His official site will be undergoing an overhaul over the next month, and when it relaunches it will have a new section called "Record Club."

According to his peeps, whenever one of the Beck's musically inclined friends is in Los Angeles and has a bit of free time (some of the names that are dropped in the press release include Devendra Banhart, MGMT, Jamie Lidell and producer Nigel Godrich), they've been invited to drop into his home studio to record an entire classic album in one day, with no rehearsals or arrangements ahead of time.

"Record Club will be an ongoing experiment visitors to the site will be able to follow from week to week," read the release announcing the Club. "Due to the time constraints involved in recording a record in a day, an album will be chosen to be covered and used as a framework for the proceedings." The first experiment will be the 1967 classic The Velvet Underground & Nico. No announcement has been made yet about when fans will start hearing the results, but according to plans, one track per week will be uploaded once the site relaunches.

Here's hoping that Beck and his pals decide to delve into Funkadelic's 1971 classic Maggot Brain, the Rolling Stones' twisted 1967 mindwarp Their Satanic Majesties Request, *NSYNC's No Strings Attached (just for the challenge) and Metallica's black album (with Banhart on vocals, of course). What classics do you hope Beck and his buds put down on wax?