Matt And Kim Surprise Crowd At Bacardi Show

Revelers at the Bacardi B-Live concert at the M2 Ultra Lounge got a surprise twist of Matt and Kim late last night.

Over 1,500 people were sipping on Bacardi and Coke cocktails and grooving to tunes provided by A-Trak, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Drop the Lime, DJ AM and AutoErotique when Matt and Kim hopped on stage unexpectedly. Matt and Kim are touring with the Bacardi B-Live tour, but they were left off of last night's lineup and kept a secret.

There were some cheers in the crowd, but the audience mostly seemed stunned and confused once they started playing. The band played the first real instruments the crowd had heard all night, and the fans clearly weren't ready for it.

Kim Schifino was all smiles though, and kept the energy going by standing on her drum kit and dancing in between songs. Matt Johnson handed her the microphone near the end of the set and immediately regretted it.

"Boys, you're probably going to catch something in here," Kim said. "Just go with it."

They wrapped up the raucous night with their latest single "Daylight," which also happens to be the tune used in the newest Bacardi commercial.