Miley Cyrus And Joe Jonas Should Rap Like Taylor Swift

Last night at the CMT Awards, Taylor Swift proved her versatility, rapping with T-Pain, doing comedy bits and fronting Def Leppard. Of course, Swift has longed to be down with hip-hop and has also been known to cover Eminem's "Lose Yourself" in concert, so it was not terribly shocking that she ended up having pretty decent skills on the diamond-encrusted microphone. Considering Swift's success, it's only a matter of time before other pop stars dip their toes into the rap world, and we think these will be the best bets.

» Katy Perry: Though her album doesn't brush up much against hip-hop, Perry has been spotted on a boat with Rihanna (which means an introduction to Jay-Z can't be far off). The "Waking Up in Vegas" singer doesn't take herself too seriously, so we think she'd take the same tongue-in-cheek approach that Swift has. MC Team-Up: Lil Wayne. Weezy seems like the kind of guy who can tap into Perry's brand of Technicolor nuttiness and match her note for note.

» Ashley Tisdale: Tisdale has managed to distance her pop career from "High School Musical" relatively well, but she could use a final dramatic shift to separate herself. What would be better than getting a shoutout on a mixtape? MC Team-Up: Tisdale needs to get together with a female who can boost her girl power quotient — perhaps an up-and-comer like Nicki Minaj?

» Joe Jonas: He has already dabbled in the R&B world with his "Single Ladies" interpretation and there's a sort-of rap tune on the new album, so it seems like Joe's next logical step would be to spit over some Kanye West beats. (The Brothers already want to mash-up their videos.) Plus, the JoBros' new album relied heavily on '80s synths — exactly the same machines that spin New Wave samples into hip-hop gold. MC Team-Up: Redman, because they both represent New Jersey.

» Adam Lambert: He has barely any recorded output so far, but Lambert could establish himself as a genre-hopping musical chameleon. Plus, we already know he owns Motown, so it's a smooth transition. MC Team-Up: An old-school cat like Afrika Bambaataa. His "Idol" output firmly entrenched him in classic rock, so he should start with classic rap as well.

» Miley Cyrus: Like Swift, Cyrus has already dabbled in hip-hop, and some of her older tunes as Hannah Montana brush up against rap, but Miley could easily make the transition into being a full-blown b-girl. MC Team-Up: Cyrus should shoot for pop bliss, so why not rap over a track and have Ne-Yo sing the hook?

» Sammy Hagar: Because it certainly couldn't make that Chickenfoot album any worse.