T.I. Teases Video For New Single 'Remember Me'

T.I. is currently incarcerated, serving a sentence of a year and a day for felony weapons charges stemming from a 2007 incident at the BET Awards. But prison bars can't keep the man down, as he just released a teaser for an upcoming video for the song "Remember Me." The song features a guest spot from Mary J. Blige and is from the upcoming album Paper Trail: Case Closed, which is set to hit the streets in August. The clip dramatizes T.I. dressed in an orange prison jumpsuit and being lead to his cell. A narrator declares, "It matters not how many times you fall down — what matters most is how many times you rise."


The Atlanta rapper has expressed a great deal of remorse over the course of his legal troubles and has committed himself to community service (as was seen on the MTV documentary "T.I.'s Road to Redemption"). If he serves his one year and one day sentence, Tip will be free in March of 2010, but in the meantime his video will hit "soon."