Al Roker And Spencer Pratt Should Channel Their Beef Into Hip-Hop

Looks like Al Roker hasn't let the beef with Speidi slide just yet. This morning on the "Today" show, talk of his controversial interview with Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag on Monday was inevitable, as the "weatherman" proclaimed he could take Spencer in a fight and would have "dumped him like a bag of dirt." Although Al was just firing back at Spencer (who told TMZ that he "would've ripped the dude's head off" if he hadn't been saved by Jesus), I'm not quite sure if the 52-year-old host of a family friendly show should be talking such smack on morning TV. But it was entertaining to say the least.

Up there with Rosie O'Donnell vs. Donald Trump or even Jamie Foxx vs. Miley Cyrus, the Speidi vs. Roker beef might be one of our strangest yet. How's it going to play out?

I have a suggestion.

We should get Al Roker into a studio with a hip-hop producer like Swizz Beatz, and get him to record a dis track under the rap moniker the Weather Man. We'll even foot the bill, just to see it happen (Editor's note: By "we," Tim must mean himself). Get Pharrell to take him shopping and get his hip-hop swagger on. Get Diddy to teach him some performance moves ... and voilà: The Weather Man is born!

And with Spencer making a foray into the world of hip-hop, Roker should do the same. Both new rappers should release their songs on iTunes, and whoever sells more wins the beef!

Come on, admit it. It's kinda genius!