Taylor Swift And T-Pain's CMT Performance Should Go Something Like This

Since the photos of her and T-Pain surfaced last week, Taylor Swift has stayed completely mum about what exactly she'll be doing on tonight's CMT Music Awards. We do know she'll take the stage with Def Leppard for one of their collaborations (possibly "Photograph," for which they are nominated for a video award) and that there will be some sort of reference to her playing football, but the T-Pain collaboration remains a mystery. We'll be tuning in tonight, but in the meantime, here are a few things we hope will happen.

(Click here for more photos of Taylor Swift, T-Pain, Kellie Pickler and others getting ready for the CMT Music Awards)

» Swift begins singing "Love Story," then gets interrupted by T-Pain, who storms the stage and remixes the song so he sings the chorus using Auto-Tune.

» T-Pain opens with an attempt at country music, perhaps trying his hand at a Toby Keith song. Swift interrupts him and tells him it's not nearly 'hood enough. She insists they break into Busta Rhymes' Hustlers Anthem '09, with Pain singing the chorus and Swift spitting Busta's verses.

» Def Leppard performs "Photograph" with Swift. Everything is the same sonically, but all the bandmembers are wearing big top hats and grills.

» T-Pain and Taylor Swift drive around in an Escalade, bumping the new 50 Cent mixtape. Neither of them perform, though they do cruise through a Sonic for a cherry limeade.