Pete Wentz Understands The Importance Of A Balanced Breakfast, Limited-Edition Swag

Pete Wentz is getting into the cereal business. This seems rather odd, considering I have witnessed firsthand the fact that Wentz is not exactly a breakfast person, as he usually does not wake up until noon.

Still, I suppose one could eat cereal at any time of the day, which might explain why he's launched Clandestine Crunch, an enterprise that combines two of his passions: breakfast cereal and ultra-limited-edition designer T-shirts.

There are three different shirt/cereal combos available, each featuring a character lovingly lifted from the General Mills roster: Barely Awake, a sleepy-eyed vaguely emo-ish bear (basically, Wentz himself); Choco-Bot, a cocoa-powered cyborg; and Space Monkey, a monkey from, uh, outer space.

The shirts cost $30 a pop, and are limited to just 267 pieces. Each comes packaged in a Clandestine Crunch cereal box (complete with puzzles and games on the back). If you're a completist, feel free to order all three shirts, because Wentz is promising to throw in a free Clandestine cereal bowl, a move that is both thoughtful and enticing. There's also a Barely Awake dog tag (if you're into that sort of thing) and a Clandestine Crunch logo T-shirt (which does not come packaged in a cereal box). And if you buy anything from the line, Wentz will throw in a free MP3 of the Clandestine Crunch theme song, as recorded by the brain trust at hip-hop comedy site

It's all another example of Pete Wentz's deliciously brilliant brand of enterprise, so we've got to give him props — even if the dude hasn't had an actual breakfast since sometime around 2002.