'America's Got Talent' Contestants May Have Saved Mother From Coma

Susan Boyle made a big splash after her performance on "Britain's Got Talent," which made her a worldwide sensation. The U.S. version, "America's Got Talent," kicks off next week, and we're excited to find out which American performer will catch on and become a viral sensation the way Boyle did.

We're not sure of their talent, but we think a group called Voices of Glory might be the early pick for a breakout. The three sibling singers specialize in R&B and gospel, but their singing may have also helped their mother recover from a coma. Three years ago, Felicia Cole was hit by a drunk driver and spent eight months in a hospital. Her three children — Michael, Avery and Nadia — started singing to their mother while she lay in a coma, and she (at least partially) credits their music with her recovery (she also gives a shout-out to the Lord). Since then, they've performed several shows in and around their hometown of Newburgh, New York, but will make their national debut on the season premiere next Tuesday, June 23. "America's Got Talent" is executive produced by Simon Cowell and will feature Sharon Osbourne, Piers Morgan and David Hasselhoff judging singers, dancers, magicians, comedians and whatever else the country has up its sleeve. But we find it hard to believe they're going to come across anybody whose vocals are so powerful that they can reverse a coma. After all, if they're that strong, who cares if they might be pitchy?